From the UK: I suffer from depression and borderline personality disorder. Ifound out recently that my nan is dying and may not last another day. Usually when I am scared or stressed I would self harm, but in this case even that seems worthless. I’m having unfamiliar feelings that I don’t know how to deal with and I know I’ll end up making things harder for the rest of the family. I’m terrified and don’t know how I’ll cope.

A: I wish I knew more about where to get help in the UK. Here’s an excerpt from a website I found on the web:

“Bristol Crisis Service for Women is a national voluntary organisation that supports women in emotional distress.

We particularly help women who harm themselves (often called self-injury).

We have carried out extensive research with women who self-injure. Through our work we have developed a deep understanding of the reasons individuals harm themselves and of the things they may need to help them overcome their self-injury.

We also have wide experience of the concerns and needs of workers in different settings and disciplines, and in developing good working practice.

What we do:

  • We run a national helpline
  • We produce information and publications about self-injury
  • We offer talks and training courses to professionals
  • We support self-injury self-help groups

Phone number: 0117 9251119

I encourage you to call. You need the personal attention a counselor can give you.
Dr. Marie