Q. Ok, let me start off saying I can’t remember my past at all. The good the bad, nothing. There have been times when I was fighting with my boyfriend and a ‘wave’ would wash over me then I couldn’t remember anything that just took place. I’ve had a voice talk to me named Katrina.. She’s around the age where I believe something bad happened to me. Sometimes I dont feel whole and I feel like i’m not ‘me’. Another scary thing thats happened to me was I had an Out Of Body Experience. I was looking out of my body, but what I was looking at was myself and it was an evil entity. That wanted to hurt my boyfriend. After a few minutes like this I then felt whole again. I’m currently diagnosed with Schizophrenia but I’m asking myself is this a correct diagnosis. I am a paranoid person, and I have seen things, however, that was at a period when I wasnt sleeping so it could’ve been sleep deprivation. Anyways any help/advice you can give will be much appreciated.

A. Over the Internet, unfortunately, it is impossible for me to issue you an accurate diagnosis but I can offer some advice. From what you have written, and please know this is based on a very limited amount of information, it sounds more like schizophrenia than DID. I would have to know more about your history and symptoms to know for sure. If you are concerned about getting the correct diagnosis, I would suggest making an appointment with a mental health professional and talk with him or her about your concerns. DID and schizophrenia require two different sets of treatments and you want to be certain you are receiving the most appropriate help. If you are concerned, go ahead and make the appointment. You may feel better if you did. I wish you well.