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Why don’t guys want to date me?

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All my life I’ve had to work alot harder to be at the same level of other people. Now it is showing. All five of my closes friends are dating, but I feel like the third wheel since I’m the only one not dating. It’s really hard on my self esteem, but because everyone around me is moving on, and I’m just standing still. Is there something wrong with me? Or am i just blooming later then the rest of the flowers? I really don’t want to have a hard time in the dating area when I’m older. what can i do? Why don’t males love me the way they love my friends?

Why don’t guys want to date me?

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I remember being 15. It’s pretty confusing, isn’t it. You are not necessarily standing still just because you aren’t dating yet. It’s too soon for you to worry about whether you will have a hard time when you are older. The truth is people mature in different areas at different rates. Some people are great at the dating thing but have a hard time feeling good about themselves. Some people have great self-esteem but can’t figure out how to let someone know that they’re interested. Some people have tons of friends – boys and girls – but can’t get a date. Still others know how to get A’s in classes but don’t know how to branch out from the group of friends they’ve had since kindergarten. Very few people at 15 have the whole package — a solid sense of themselves, academic excellence, a cool group of friends, a passion for some sport or art or talent – and know how to attract the people they are attracted to.

I suggest you take an honest inventory of your own strengths. What are you good at? What do you do to be a friendly and itneresting person to other people? Then get involved in things that genuinely interest you. Smile and say hi to people. Offer help when you can. Focus on being the kind of person you would want to meet and spend time with. Do these things and your time will come. Really.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Why don’t guys want to date me?

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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