Q. Ever since I found out got pregnant in October of 2006….I’ve felt that I’ve been a let down to my family. I am only 15 & will be turning 16 in June. I just had my precious baby girl May 5,2007. I would never take back the decision to keep her but I wonder sometimes what if I didn’t have her what would happen or would I be better off & my family. Then there are times where I wonder what if I wasn’t here on this earth would everybody be better off. My situation is I don’t have a permanent home so I’m door to door…hotel to hotel sort of because my ceiling collapsed & it was unsafe. Most of our money went to the baby & her stuff. Now we’re struggling to get back on our feet & its taking a toll on me. I lost my clothes in my house. I barely have anything. I don’t get time to myself. I am constantly on the verge of exploding. I cry sometimes & it kills me. I don’t know what to do & I would like your advice….PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

A. You should try to find some kind of stable housing for you and your daughter. There should be shelters nearby especially for young new moms without money and a place to stay. Look around for a place you and your baby can be safe. It is impetrative for you and especially for your baby that you find a safe place to stay. If you cannot find a safe place to stay, you should consider finding a safe place for your baby to stay. Maybe a family member will help care for her. I realize that you may not want to be separated from your baby even temporarily but if you haven’t a place to live and no food to eat, this can be harmful to your baby. Before you can worry about anything else, find shelter and food immediately. You must stay with the basics of life and you must consider foremost the welfare of your child. I wish you the best of luck.