Q. Please, read everything what i wrote because i send messages to DR Phil and to others but they don’t reply to me. i know it s very long but i will appreciate it if you read everything i wrote. i just want you to take this letter important. it s important for me. i don’t like to tell my feelings to my parents or friends. i only like to tell to strangers or to people i don’t see. thank you very much and i will really appreciate it.

I am 19 years and I am a student. I have hearing loss. I m wearing hearing-aid since i was six and a half. my hearing-aid influenced my life by having problems with teachers. there are people who destroyed my life. i was being bullied for four years…i don’t know how can i know if i have a manic depression. if i told my mother, she wont believe i become depressed most of the time. my mother said that i change my mood all time. sometimes i when i m depressed i don’t want to talk to anyone, so i say “i don’t feel want to talk about it”. mum says “u cant tell me when i should talk to you and when i shouldn’t”. i feel i become one day depressed, happy, hyper and aggressive. the only question is how can i know if i have a manic depression. or do you believe i m just depressed because of the situation i am. thank you very much. i hope you can understand what i m trying to say. thank you again.

A. Thank you for your detailed story. I cannot make a diagnosis over the Internet so it is difficult for me to know if you have manic depression (bipolar disorder) or depression. What I do know is that you are having difficulty controlling and understanding your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. This could be because no one ever taught you how to handle these matters. It does not seem that you have any one around you that is emotionally stable or available to help you live life day to day. Since it does not seem that your parents are able to teach you this, maybe you can search for a therapist, an older mentor or a church elder to help you understand your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. I am unsure how the Muslim religion feels about attending therapy but if you can and you feel comfortable, finding a therapist would be the wisest choice for you at this time. You need someone to teach you these critical skills. I hope this helps. Take care.