Q. My boyfriend is very depressed!! He recently lost his grandmother that he was very close to….and he is expecting a baby to and ex…that has not let him be apart of her pregnacy at all! And he has tried…he stresses out about bills and loosing his job…I know he is depressed…i try to talk to him and he usually talks…but now im lost i just dont know what to do or say anymore….he tells me he needs me and he dont know what he would do without me..i definalty dont plan on goin anywhere, but i dont know how much longer i can handle this…I love him to death and dont want to loose him but im lost!! do you have any advice on what i can do or say to him???

A. All that you can do in this situation is to suggest that he seek help. It sounds like he has much going on in his life at this time. If he is very depressed, the best advice you can give is to suggest that he seek out professional assistance. That is about all that you can do. You cannot do the work for him; he’s has to do it on his own.