Q. I have suspected for years that I have OCD and it seems to have gotten much worse lately. I was always concerned about symetry before and I was always worried that somethign bad might happen to me. Now I cant step on crack or lines, I can’t even step if it’s just a shadow or pattern. I also pick my skin and have been biting my nails since I was little. Thing problem is that no matter how many times I tell my parents I think I have OCD they say something like “If you had OCD your room would not look like that.” and then just laugh. Or they tell me I’m not my cousin who was diagnosed last year. I also just recently started seeing a therapist, but I’m not sure she can help me nd I don’t even know how to ask her. How can I ask for help and mke my parents under stand?

A. You are off to a great start by making it into to see a therapist. Now, all that you need to do is to be completely honest with your therapist and tell him or her about your problems with symmetry, not being able to walk on cracks, and so forth. With regard to your parents, ask your therapist for help in how to teach them what OCD is. Perhaps your therapist can educate your parents for you. To make this happen, you need to tell your therapist that you are concerned that your parents do not understand and that you want his or her help in teaching your parents about OCD. You made it in to see a therapist and this is good; now all you need to do is tell the therapist everything that is on your mind. If the therapist is good and you are open and honest, you should start feeling better soon. Take care.