Q. I have done research on both Schizophrenia and MPD, and have seen symptoms of both in myself. As far as Schizophrenia goes, I have trouble forming thoughts (usually i just give up and dont think), and expressing emotions or other things in ways that make sense and i usually stray off topic by the time I’m done saying what I needed to say. I also have trouble remembering whats real and what I made up (but I don’t remember making anything up), and I usually think that people are against me in some way even if it’s completely illogical. But also, one symptom of MPD, a sense of yourself dissolving and becoming unreal and everything else seeming fake as well, is something that appears very obviously in my life. There has always been this image that I saw occasionally. It’s kind of spongy, and it’s very familiar but I can never place why. Recently, whenever I see it, it feels like it’s eating away at my brain and my insides and leaving me as a hollow peice of clay. The area around me also feels like it moves away from me leaving empty space. I can imagine this scene from the outside, me a piece of molded white clay with no face floating in an area of nothingness. It’s an out of body experience and I read that that is also a symptom of MPD. Please help me figure this out.

A. As you probably know, I cannot give you a diagnosis online. My advice to you would be to see a mental health professional not necessarily for a diagnosis per say but because you are having bothersome experiences. Your symptoms would better fit the description of schizophrenia than MPD but only your therapist can make that diagnosis. Anytime you are worried about what you have been experiencing, and what you are experiencing causes you to worry, it is always wise to check in with a doctor or mental health professional. You will feel much better that you did. The sooner you see a therapist the easier the process will be. You have good insight into what is happening to you and that is very good. Make an appointment today. Good luck.