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My 16 year old is offering sex on internet.

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i want to handle this situation without damaging our family. my daughter who is 16 in grade 11 has been talking on msn about sex and what she is willing to do with guys and girls and now my son who is in grade 9 is being told she is a “slut” and his friends are messing around with her.She also posted sexy pictures of herslf and sends them to guys. She is causing this reputation. He wants to pound them to protect her.What he dosen’t know is that I know she is behaving this way because i can read her coversation because they are saved on my computer. So it is true. Do I confront her with this knowledge? This is a safety issue also. How do I punish her?

My 16 year old is offering sex on internet.

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Please don’t wait another minute to handle this. What your daughter is doing is extremely dangerous. She may think she is just being outrageous and rebellious but she is putting herself in real jeopardy. It’s dear of her brother to want to protect her but pounding other people will only get him into trouble too. It’s time for some parental action. Shut down your daughter’s access to the Internet immediately. Take the pictures off and substitute an outgoing message that says something like: “This site shut down by vigilant parents of underage girl.” Then have a frank talk with your daughter about what she thinks she is doing. Make sure you are in a calm state of mind. This is not about punishment. This is about opening up lines of communication and finding out why she thinks so little of herself that she is willing to give herself a bad reputation and attract attention from men this way. You didn’t mention if her father is in the picture. If so, he should be part of the conversation too. Then have a chat with your son. Let him know that you are proud that he wants to defend his sister but that fighting isn’t going to help. Figure out together what he can say to defend family honor without provoking a fight. If you can’t figure out how to have productive conversations about these issues with your kids, please consider finding a family therapist to help you out.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

My 16 year old is offering sex on internet.

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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