Q: My boyfriend works for a trucking company and his job has really changed him, he’s always stressed out, forgets things, and worries constantly. He used to be a happy go lucky type of guy. I’m worried about him and think he should go see someone, and he wants to, but doesn’t know what type of therapist to go to. Can you help?

A: In a situation like this I’m not sure it’s as important what type of help your boyfriend gets as much as that he recognizes the problem and gets help for it in some way. It could be that he needs to make the tough decision that he’s just not meant to be in this kind of job. Driving a truck, especially a long distance driver, is not for everyone. It generally disrupts your normal sleep-wake cycle, you are away from loved ones for extended periods of time, etc. Or it could be that he just needs some time to adjust to the life style and job – depending on how long he has been doing it. I would just suggest trying to find a therapist wherever he spends the most time and in the meantime doing some writing and thinking about whether or not he is really happy and if not why. Is it the job or something else that needs to be addressed? I wish you both luck and hope things get better.