Q: I can think of a circumstance, & I will get worked up over it.
Normally it’ll be about what I’m going to do with a guy, what’s going to happen tomorrow, etc. I’ll be thinking & all of a sudden I’m overcome by this enormous fear that something bad is going to happen. I’ll start shaking & trembling. I’ll feel unsteady & queasy. I can’t control it. I used to be able to take deep breathes & I’d be alright. Now it doesn’t work. I can’t eat before I go to school because it increases the chance of me vomiting. Sometimes I might not have eaten anything & yet I still vomit. I hate being sick. Regular aspirin won’t take care of it. Once I come home from school I just eat & eat & eat. Then I’ll walk around for hours on end, without rest. Normally about 3 hours. I feel like I have to walk until I collapse. I feel bad because I’m eating so much at one time. People keep telling me that I need to eat more & I’m too skinny. I would like to eat more, such as healthy food & I’d like to be healthy. But whenever I eat, I feel so sick or so compelled to move. I’ve asked my mother to make an appointment with a doctor & she hasn’t. I want to have some idea as to what it is, in case it may be serious or not.

A: I think you are doing the right thing by asking your mom to get you some help. Apparently you are going to have to be persistent and keep asking. If she doesn’t seem to take you seriously maybe you aren’t telling her enough about how bad this stuff really is for you. If she still doesn’t make you an appointment I suggest talking to another adult in your life such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle or your school guidance counselor. If none of these work you are legally allowed to see a therapist in Ohio up to six times without parent permission but it would obviously be better to get your parent’s support. It sounds like you are suffering from anxiety which then leads to the stomach problems. You need to get help soon because you could cause yourself some permanent damage by throwing up so much. You mentioned that breathing used to work to calm you down but doesn’t so much anymore. Taking deep slow breaths is the fastest way to feel better and think more clearly when you get anxious but you must also work on your thinking patterns. You must change the negative worrisome thinking into more positive hopeful thinking. Finding a good therapist to help you with this, or maybe even a group therapy situation, would really help you along. In the meantime you may want to educate yourself by getting some books from the library. An excellent one to start with is The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. Be assertive and keep asking for help until you get it. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.