Q. Hi i am 19. when i was younger i suffered from ocd even though i was never diagnosed. i believed in bad and good numbers and used routines everyday. if my routine got broken i got upset. also in high school i suffered from depressive episodes. i have somehow managed to break myself of the rountines and the cutting i did when i was depressed. but now i found that i still have urges when i get upset. also i have had a problem with having dreams that made me feel slightly disturbed whenever i woke up from them. I was wondering if the best situation for me is to see a therapist now or just wait until it is needed more. thank you.

A. It is never a good idea to wait on getting treatment. From your letter, it seems to me that you are experiencing bothersome circumstances now. You do not have to wait until these bothersome circumstances are “really bad” before seeking help. The smartest and wisest decision for you is to seek treatment as soon as you feel that you have a problem. By seeking help early you can prevent future distress and suffering as well as get back to living a healthy life, free of problems. You can also prevent these problems from mushrooming into a truly unmanageable disorder. I hope this helps.