I have been Married about 6 Years and Ever Since I have been with my Husband he Lies to me about Money what he Buys and he Bounces Cheks all the Time and I don’t know about them til I get a Call from Who he Wrote it to, He Tells me that he doesn’t have any Checks knowing the account is Closed, then 1 Pops up again..Plus he Lies to me About Flirting..I found Out on Chirstmas day he Had been Talking to a Girl on his Cell Phone Behind my Back,He said it was Just Talking nothing more…But this isn’t the First Time it has Happened, Just the First Time he got really Caught. I love him very Much But I am Not sure I can Take much More of this , It seems like I am Losing myself in this Relationship of what I thought was Love But seems to be Just Lies…I need Help I don’t Know what else to do, I don’t want a Divorce, I want him to Just be Honest…what should I do?

A. This must be so disappointing. You offer this man love and loyalty and he responds with lies and irresponsibility. Unfortunately, you can’t make him be an honest man. It’s so important to him to do what he wants, whenever he wants, that he is willing to lose your respect and risk your marriage. You were only 19 when you married. It may be that you were too young and in love to see your husband clearly and make a good judgement about his character. Six years of heartache is enough. It’s time to re-evaluate whether this is the kind of marriage you want for the rest of your life.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie