Q: My husband was abandoned by his mother as a small child. When he meets women he acts so sweet and wants kids so much but as time goes on he gets controlling and tells so many lies. When the women leave him he tells lies and begs for them to come back and when that does not work then he starts destroying his own property and makes false reports to the police and false reports to children services. He is very obsessive with women. When he finally realizes he can not get the women back he signs his rights away from the children. He does not listen to any rules by the cops or judges. He has a very bad temper. Could he have a disorder or is he just a vindictive person?

A: It is possible that your husband has a disorder – possibly a personality disorder. It is also possible that he just has unresolved issues from his childhood that have led to this extremely dysfunctional pattern. Either way I would suggest that he get professional help or he may continue this pattern indefinitely, destroying other people lives in the process. You listed that you are currently separated which is probably good. If I were you I would make sure your husband addresses his issues and starts demonstrating important changes before you go back. I wish you luck in this very difficult situation.