Q. I am confused about my life, and am not doing anything that I really want to get done. I don’t have many friends, because I don’t know what to say when I’m around people, I am not that good in school, I am not that healthy, even though I try to be – I am extremely skinny, and it’s really hard for me to gain weight – I am not good in the things that I really enjoy… I feel like I am a waste. I have gotten two panic attacks and I cry to myself frequently. I am so unsure of myself and my body, and who I want to be in my life and am insecure, even though I try really hard not to be. I’ve thought of asking my parents about getting therapy, but never came through with it. I am getting more and more distant with my family, and I have nothing to relieve my stress from. Please help me.

A. I am glad that you wrote. You have outlined in this letter the very issues that have been bothering you. This means that you have a very keen awareness about what is plaguing you and what you would like to change in your life. This is very perceptive and insightful of you. Half the battle of resolving life problems is being able to identify what’s wrong and articulate what it is precisely that you want to change in your life. Thus, from my estimation, you are half way there. The next step and most important step for you is one that you mentioned in your letter. That is asking your parents to assist you into therapy. Be brave and have this talk with your parents. It is the only correct next step. If you have any more questions, be write again. Take care.