I am 23 yrs grl in India and i dearly love my boyfriend. he is very simple , very caring , very affectinate and the best thing is that we have told our parents about our relationship. We want to marry soon but sometimes my boyfriend makes a lot of mess. he is a type of person who keeps mum when his mood is off , he always expects me to understand him but never tries to understand me. both of us are truly in love with each other but sometimes i get too much frustrated with this attitude of my boy friend. plz help me out

A: Please slow down in your decision to marry. You may love each other but your relationship isn’t balanced enough yet for you to commit to a life together. A healthy relationship is not this one-sided. Spend more time together. See if this man is willing to learn how to be less self-centered and more willing to try to understand your feelings. I don’t know what kind of messes he makes. I do know that being a healthy adult means taking responsibility for one’s mistakes and not shutting out the people who love you.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie