Q. My brother is suffering from depression since last 4 years. We have consulted a doctor also who diagnosed it as mania and put him on medication. The doctor advised him a medicine-OLAY which he regularly took. It showed improvement for a short while. He could not get proper sleep, gained weight, smiles frequently while thinking something and is lost most of the times. He gets irritated very soon and doubts everybody at home. He was initially doing C.A in which he was unsuccesful, then had a brief affair with my cousin bhabhi living in the same house. He used to talk with everybody but now remains to himself. He is not working for a long time but now practicing law with his father. Please tell whether we took the right medication and what can we do now. Thanks.

A. It is difficult for me to know if your brother is taking the correct medication. My suspicion is that he is not on the correct medication because you wrote that he is still having symptoms. Medication treatments, for most psychiatric illnesses, are only one part of a proper treatment regime. Most psychiatric disorders benefit from some sort of talk therapy in addition to medication. Some disorders also require the use of several different types of medication, in combination with therapy of some form. Because you have noticed that your brother is still unwell and experiencing symptoms, this would indicate that is something is amiss with your brother’s treatment. He may not be receiving the correct treatments. I am unfamiliar with the mental health services in your country. If you were a United States resident, I would advise you to either talk to your brother personally about what you think is wrong or inform his doctor about your concerns. If either of these options sounds reasonable to you, then I would suggest that you give one or both of them give them a try. I hope this helps.