Q: Everytime I’m with my girlfriend and we start to make out I get an erection. It’s really embarassing because there have been a couple of times that she has felt it. I wanted to see if there are any pills or something I can do to avoid this. It’s really hard to not think of anything not sex related while making out, so if there are any kind of herbs or pills that can help stop erections please let me know.

A: You are a healthy young man who is having a perfectly normal reaction to intimate contact with someone you find attractive. Why is this a problem? I’d be much more worried about you if you were not turned on. It’s a compliment to your girlfriend that you find her sexually appealing. My guess is that she is feeling much the same way about you. I understand the embarrassment but instead of trying to suppress your feelings, I hope you two can find a way to talk about your feelings and take it slow. This is how a couple learns how to eventually become sexually comfortable with each other.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie