Q. My son is 8yrs of age, He has ADHD. The medicine he is on for controling his aggression is $144.00 a month which is not covered on my insurance,thats killing me!the blood pressure med’s to slow him down a little is only $8.00 and is covered by insurance. I believe I have ADD according to the psyic test. Is there any mental exercise’s I can do to help my ADD. I can’t afford anymore psycotopic medications to help me. I’ll have further questions on helping my son with closeness issues and being a loner of some sorts.

A. The cost of psychiatric drugs can be so high—but that is another topic for another day. I do not know any specific “mental exercises.” But you could try relaxation exercises, meditation or even a yoga class-anything that will help you learn to relax your body and mind. I would suggest searching for books about relaxation, or searching the internet for relaxation ideas. Yoga classes are usually offered in many communities. Additionally, you could always try seeing a therapist for help with relaxation. A therapist will try to work with you to help find coping strategies for the ADD that does not involve medication. Take care.