Q: I had a baby in jan 06, unexpected c-section. I have always been moody and such but i am worse and getting worse not better. Anger, crying fits, hopelessness, not satified with anything, (work, home, life)pretty much hate everything and everyone but the baby.
Is that depression or baby blues? What kind of doctor do i need to see, i do not have a regular one. What do i say to the doc to actually get them to listen, because the baby doctor blew me off? Why is it not getting better it has been a year?

A: I’m so glad you can enjoy your baby in spite of this difficult time. Please don’t be hard on yourself. It can take upwards of two years for some women’s hormones to settle down after having a baby so it is very possible that this is a post partum depression. However, I can’t provide a diagnosis on the basis of a letter. I suggest you ask your Primary Care Doctor for the name of a psychiatrist who is experienced with post partum depression. She or he will be able to evaluate you and make suggestions for what to do. You might also search the web for Brooke Shields’ story about her post partum depression. It’s wonderful that she has made her private struggle public so that other women can get needed help.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie