Q. For the past year my whole look on things have changed. i had planned to travel and maybe move to another country but now i dont even want to live. i really hate myself and go through spells every now and again of crying for hours and wanting to kill my self. my friends have been telling me i have lost a lot of weight in the past 6 months, all i can think about everyday is losing weight, i would go for days without eating and maybe jus have a cup of tea, my friends and family say i look Anorixea and its really annoying me becasue i think i look ok. in the past 3 months i have got really bad i cant concentrate on any thing was made to take 3 weeks of work to sort my self out becasue it got to the stage i was to weak to do any thing from not eating. and look completly terrible, my face has all colasped and its pale and my eyes all sunk in. when i was off work i started to eat again so i could go back to work and because i am a coach i need all the energy i can get. but over the past 2 weeks i have stopped eatin again but this time i have started to use laxatives and a few time tried to make my self sick and cant sleep and my memory is awful. what is wrong with me.

A. While it is impossible for me to diagnose anyone over the Internet, I can say with certainty that something is wrong. I do not know if you have anorexia but you seem to have many of the symptoms. The not eating and restricting of your food may have something to do with the fact that you also seem to be suffering with some sort of depression. The crying for hours, hating yourself, and wanting to kill yourself are all signs of a serious depression. Whatever is going on with you needs to be treated. What you are doing to your body is unhealthy and dangerous. This is especially true now that have added the laxatives. I would listen to your friends and family about their concerns. They are justifiably concerned about you. I am concerned as well. My advice to you is to get into to see a licensed professional therapist for a possible eating disorder and depression. Professional help will be the best way that you can begin to alter these negative feelings about yourself and get back to healthy eating and a healthy body. Listen to your friends and family and please seek professional help. Take care.