Q. I was told in 4-13-2005 I had GAD and was bi-polar I manic. I Just went to have a second mental exam on 11-16-2006 from a different psychiatrist and when all was over I asked him if I was crazy. He stated not crazy….. dangerous! I’m more scared now then I have ever been. Please help to understand why He would only elaborate dangerous.

A. I cannot answer this question from this short e-mail. You would have to give me much more information about your situation to know why your doctor would stress the word dangerous. Have you ever tried to hurt yourself or someone else? Do you have a history of this? Did your interview with him reveal any dangerous tendencies? Are you using drugs or alcohol? Are you taking your medications as prescribed? There are many questions in your situation that I do not know the answer to and therefore I cannot give you an informed answer. Generally, having bipolar disorder does not make a person more dangerous. Having bipolar disorder, being actively psychotic, not taking the proper medication and using drugs and alcohol is a combination that can make a person more dangerous. Without more information, all I can provide you with are generalizations. If you are interested, write back in and provide me with more information and I will try to give you a better answer. Take care.