Q: I am an IT professional in Pakistan. My working hours are 9 hours a day. I am most of the time depressed without any reason. I am not facing any problem that can cause depression. I am also unable to have a sound sleep at bed. Most of the time when I am sleeping it seems to be that my mind is processing. It creates restlessness. After 10 hours sleep I still feel tiredness. Due to this depressed condition I am unable to pay concentration on my work. Also due to this issue I take every matter as a negative. In other words I think about the negative aspect of each thing. Also when I participate in some gathering, I don’t have confidence to participate in it. Please, I am bit tensed due to this issue. Please help me to solve this problem.

A: Although it is impossible to diagnose a condition without a face to face evaluation, many of the symptoms you describe here are classic symptoms of depression. I don’t know what your health care system is like in Pakistan but I suggest you find a way to be evaluated by a mental health professional. Depression can be caused by different reasons, some have to due with life stressors and others are more biological and genetic. Therefore, you may start feeling better by working with a therapist or counselor and you may need to be evaluated for medication that can help you feel better. There are also things you can do on your own, such as get some books or workbooks on the subject to educate yourself on how best to help yourself. A good one to start with is Feeling Good by David Burns. You may also be able to find a support/educational group in the area to join. The problems you listed are very treatable so I wish you luck in finding the care you need.