Q: I suspect our 25 year old daughter is bipolar. Just
learning more about this disorde, her behavior fits. She “disappeared”
again after watching our dog in Aug and haven’t heard from her since. She
has done that in the past, but never for this long. She left here seemingly
doing well but won’t return our calls. We have been to her house,(never
there), her work (not there any longer) and haven’t had any luck with the
friends that we were familiar with.We have bill collectors calling here for
her and stacks of bills. We leave messages that we love her and just want to know she is ok-but nothing. It’s like we are waiting for a disaster to happen-anything more we can do?

A: I’m confused. This is very, very worrisome. Are you sure she is just avoiding you? If you haven’t been able to track her down since Aug, you should be contacting the police. Unfortunately, people who once “cried wolf” none the less sometimes really get into serious trouble.
I hope all is well.
Dr. Marie