Q: I have been feeling empty and irritable in the past few days.
This feeling is very deep like it is wedged in my heart. This feeling usually comes at night. When I am not doing much or I’ve been doing too much. When I feel annoyed, I usually stop everything I’m doing and just go to sleep. I don’t know why I feel this way. And why it usually happens at night. It’s really a very weird feeling. And I’ve experienced it before. I didn’t mind it and it went away by itself but now it came back. I’ve been very stressed in school and I’m also very stressed out in planning my debutante party. I think that this could be linked to this. But I’m not sure. But I really want to get this nagging feeling out of me. Please help..

A: It sounds like this could be just a reaction to stress because you have listed several things stressing you right now. If this is the case then I suggest making sure you are taking good care of yourself, such as, make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercising, etc. You may benefit from yoga or mediation as well. Find healthy ways to unwind and relax. However, there is also the possibility that you are experiencing symptoms of depression. If you find that you are getting worse or having new symptoms, I suggest getting into therapy so you can address the issue in a more professional manner. Talking with a therapist can help a great deal and you and your therapist might also evaluate whether or not you might also need medication to help you through this difficult time. Try to prioritize things and take good care of yourself. Good luck.