Q: I just recently tried to take my own life… I was in ICU for 7 days almost died twice while I was there. I pulled through with no permanent damage to my physical self, but all of the emotions I’m dealing with are driving me batty… I’m delighted to be alive! I’m just noticing how many people I would have affected if I would have been successful with my attempt. Now I have all of these emotions going through my head like embarrassment, not knowing how to speak to my friends that saw me in the state I was in @ the hospital. All I want to do is live my life and not feel ashamed of my self or like people are feeling sorry 4 me, Is that normal?

A: First of all I’d like to say that I am glad you survived. I’m sure you’ve already heard the phrase, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Most people find that if you reach out for help and dig deep to hang on, the worst of times will pass. I’m glad that you seem grateful to be alive and I think you can help those who care about you heal and move on if you express that you are grateful and that you have learned some very important lessons. Moving on with your life must also include a deep look into what led to the suicide attempt in the first place and how to put steps in place so you will not choose that path again. I do think that it is normal that you are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and that you just want to put this all behind you. I hope you have a good therapist to help you deal with what you are going through – and if not, please find one. Many areas also have free support groups for those who have survived a suicide attempt. This may be particularly helpful because you will be able to talk with others who have been where you are. Once again I am glad you are still with us and I wish you the best in this new chapter of your life.