Q. I am a 29 year old stay at home mom with 3 children, one who is severly handicapped. In the past I have been dx with OCD,Biploar disorder, ADD,borderline personality disorder and just regular old depression. I have usually been able to control my intrusive thoughts, I have always had gloom aand doom thoughts. Now that I have a child that has so many life threatening medical problems(seizures, apnea, no swallow), it has become almost impossible. I am constantly worrying what terrible thing will happen today. I am constantly worrying that I will miss something and someone will die. I can’t seem to turn them off. They are starting to interfere in my daily life. I wont go up windy roads, I won’t go the pretty way I will go the safe way. I won’t go new places, for fear I will get lost. I won’t go off a trail while hiking. I won’t go hiking if there isn’t a trail. I worry constantly my child with the disablities will die from a seizure.And on and on…. How do I stop these gloom and doom thoughts? I want to be able to enjoy life, instead of dwelling on how it will end.

A. These intrusive thoughts sound more to me like fear, worry and anxiety rather than intrusive thoughts per say. If it is the case of fear, worry and anxiety, part of stopping this gloom and doom is to realize the truth about any given situation. Fear can be crippling or it can be overcome. My suggestion is for you to find some help or support group to rely on. You can try a therapist and he or she may help you. The important thing here is to begin the process of finding help. Don’t continue to do this alone. You can try a support group with other moms managing similar situations with their children. My advice is to find some help for yourself.