Q. I have had depression before it was whe i was 14. but lately i feel like i did then as far as like just crying all of the time. i feel tired, sad, i feel sick to my stomach…. i also have a lot of headaches (which i have had migraines for many years… and am being treated for..) i love my life as far as my husband and my children…. but sometimes i feel as though it is too good to be true… i have been betrayed many times in my life and i have a hard time trusting. my mother thinks that i shoul see a doctor… i work 6 days a week and should be tired but should i be so tired i feeel like throwing up and just want to sleep all the time. i have little energy to play with my kids.. they are 2 and 3. i have a very short temper sometimes and that is not like me… whayt should i do? please help me…. i want to feel good again.

A. You should listen to your mother and go to the doctor. The sooner that you are treated the sooner that you can feel better. Listen to your mother and get a doctor’s opinion. The doctor can refer to you a therapist so that you can work on your short temper and other issues that are bothering you and making you feel lousy. My advice is to listen to your mother and go to the doctor. See what the doctor says and ask for a referral to a therapist. Good luck.