Q. I realize that I was manic depressive two months after my partner blew his face off with a shot gun and took medication and now see a pychiatrist regularly however I have suffered severely from being an untreated depressive and even worse from my uncontrolled manic episodes. My pychiatrist treats me with drugs and tells me recovery is process it is 10 months since my partner died I am guity and angry with my dead partner you appear sympathic what else can I do to ensure I do not follow my partner as I have a 28 y.o. daughter and grandchild I adore?

A. You are dealing with something which is simply bigger than you. Grief can be agonizing and is possibly complicated from the mental health issues you refer to. I am sorry to hear about your partner’s suicide. You need to do what you can to be there for your daughter and grandchild whom you adore. I would strongly encourage you to seek therapy. Do not try to deal with this tragedy without adequate supports. You mentioned that you have your own mental health issues to deal with. Please seek help from either a therapist or a support group or both. Please write again if you have anymore questions. Also, please write to me and let me know how you are doing or if you did seek help. Please take care of yourself and if for no other reason, do get help for the sake of your daughter and grandchild. They are in desperate need of a psychologically healthy and stable mother and grandmother. Take care.