Q. What do you think is wrong with me? I am having fem. problems, its messed up.. the time between each period is like around 11days to 21. its always early and once i had a 9 day break then back again, its been like this since Nov 2005, current month is Sept 2006.. Plus i have LOTS of weight! And depresson i dont know if i am depressed, i hurt myself, and i am guilty of things i do or say. I hate myself, low self-esteem. Get in mood where i dont want to go out, dont want to get out of bed. The moods are anything from Flailing anger and making a mess, to sad hurt myself or od I have made an app. to see my doc. but i had to cancel, then i got in the anger mood.. and decided it was a good choice cuz i am fine.. So really do you think i am fine?

A. I do not know exactly what is going on with you with but I do not think you are fine if you are hurting yourself, hating yourself and experiencing severe mood swings. You should make and keep an appointment to see a doctor or therapist about what you have just described to me. Don’t let these symptoms go untreated. My advice is to seek out therapy or talk with your primary care doctor about your mood swings. Don’t suffer with these symptoms any longer than you have to. Write again if you have any more questions or are not sure how to initiate therapy or are not sure what to say to the doctor. Good luck.