Q. I have been suffering from depression for some time now it has gotten so bad that my quality of work has really dropped and my boss is angry with me because of it, i am not trying to make excuses for this but how do i make them understand that i cannot control my feelings, she says that she is sorry that i am going through a difficult time in my life but i need to keep my personal issues at home, and as hard as i try i just dont know how to control it i dont know what to do i have lost interest in everything all i want to do is sleep to try and escape these feelings. what can i do how can i make them understand my situation.

A. It may be difficult to get your boss to fully understand what it is you are going through. Your energy will be better spent trying to seek help for your depression. I would highly recommend seeking therapy especially because it seems that your depression is affecting so many aspects of your life. You would do yourself much good seeking help to end your suffering. Your boss may be happy to learn that you are taking steps to control of your depression and seeking ways to improve yourself and your life. My advice is to seek counseling and deal with your depression with a therapist as soon as possible.