Q: The other day my wife and her sister are out to lunch with me. My wife gets up to use the restroom and after she is out of hearing range her sister tells me of her dream. She said myself, my wife, and her husband had been laying on the floor watching TV when her husband got up and started making out with my wife while I watched. I assume she watched as well but she didnt specify. First off why did she tell me of the dream? Second what does the dream maen? please help

A: I know there are a lot of people who think that certain images mean certain things in dreams. But in fact the meaning of a dream depends entirely on the dreamer. Each of us has our own “dream vocabulary” of images and feelings and sensations. I’d need to talk to your sister- in-law to understand the unique meaning of her dream.
If I were talking to her, I would start with questions based on some educated guesses. A few examples: Maybe she has always felt that she comes in second to her sister (your wife) in competitions for affection, love, the guy, etc. and the dream is yet another round of an old issue. Maybe your sister-in-law senses that her husband is attracted to your wife and she wants to know if you sense it too. (This, by the way, is only important if he acts on it. There’s no crime in being attracted to attractive people.) Or maybe she thinks that you aren’t attentive enough to your wife and thinks you should be more passionate about her. These are just guesses. It could be something else entirely. The only way to confirm the meaning would be to work with her to figure it out.
Similarly, I can’t tell you why she told you her dream. It could be an innocent sharing of an unsettling dream or she could be looking for reassurance that such a thing could never happen or she could be stirring up trouble. Sitting around wondering about it is only upsetting you. Why don’t you just calmly ask her?
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie