Q. I need advice. I have gotten panic attacks from being in the military they started after MCT , while I was attending my schooling to learn my job. It happened when I was on leave. It only happen like twice. So I ignored it and it got worse to the point that I passed out in front of my furture husband again I refused to go the the hospital. I figured that would be it. But it wasn’t over the next few days they bacame more frequent. So when i came to my duty station. I went to medical. Im on a heart monitor and they want to run mental test aswell. I’m sure what is causeing these I think its mental but I don’t know. I need help.

A. If you have been checked out medically and they find nothing, it is likely a mental health issue. You can try getting a second opinion to ensure there is nothing wrong with you physically. If you are having anxiety attacks, it is impossible after only reading the one short paragraph that you wrote, for me to say what is causing them. I do know that the only way to rid yourself of these attacks is to have them treated. This would require you to attend mental health treatment and/or take medication. My advice is to consider mental health treatment if your anxiety attacks continue. What you are experiencing is not new. Many people have had your symptoms and after therapy are leading happy and symptom free lives. With the right qualified mental health professional, you should be able to stop these attacks. Many others have and so can you. Good luck.