Q. I observed a suicide approx. 2yrs ago and I just dealt with it on my own. I have had other events in my life happen that made this event take on a bigger proportion than it should have. I was stalked by a stranger for two years, and had as a result: nightmares, insomnia, ulcers, trouble eating etc. I went and talked to my family doctor who prescribed Zoloft which turned things around then the suicide occurred and brought everything back. Now I’m back on Zoloft because of recurring problems like insomnia, unable to concentrate, anti-social feelings, unable to cope with basic functions, short temper. My husband thinks I have PTSD. I would appreciate some insight.

A. I cannot say that everyone who experiences a traumatic event should seek counseling. People handle these incidents in very different ways, some healthy and others not so healthy. I can say that if you feel you are having psychiatric symptoms that are bothersome to you as a result of the traumatic events you have endured, then you should seek help. Don’t ignore your symptoms and continue suffering. In your situation, I think it is extremely foolish to try and treat this through medication alone. Good therapy from the right therapist can be the answer and may well be the only answer. Help yourself and seek assistance from a counselor. Good luck, and I mean that sincerely.