Q. I have been with a girl for last 8 months. Earlier she liked me. we Planned everything together. We shared our emotions and tried to understand each other. We laughed, cried, smile, play, eat we did everything together. It was after her exam she started going out with another guy in his class. In the mean time she kept me as a back up i guess. Now she says that you are just my friend and whenever I want to talk about the relationship with that guy she says i dont want to talk about when we are together. Now she has also started calling that new guy to our flat and i have just become a friend from boyfriend. I want her back. Because my love is so pure that what i care is for her and her only i dotn care about her new boyfriend. But i Really get jealous when he is in her room. please suggest me something that i can save my realtionship. Also i want that guy to be out of the game.

A. Your options in this case are limited. It is going to be difficult to save your relationship with your ex-girlfriend if she is dating another man. It is possible that she does not know exactly how you feel about her. My advice is to communicate your feelings to her and elicit her feelings about you. If she is no longer romantically interested in you and she is happy with her current boyfriend, you may have to be content being her friend. You cannot make people do things they do not want they to do. You should talk to her, express your true feelings and if she is not interested, I am sorry to say that there is not much else you can do. If you really like her, it’s worth telling her how you feel. But if her answer is that she is happy with her current boyfriend, there is not much else you can do. Also remember, there are many, many other women who are looking for a relationship. The best way to move on is to be in another relationship. Good luck.