Q. Hi. I just want to know if cutting and eating problems are related. You see I started cutting a little over a year ago and I was already weird about food. I had been 210 pounds and was determined to never be a fat cow like that again. I am now 141.2 pounds and I am trying to lose 20 pounds by the end of august. I have lost over 30 pounds in the last 4 months. I was really overweight. I am technically at a healthy weight but I am not happy with it. I still feel overweight and sometime obese. I jog a lot. I often get up at 5:30 in the morning to go joggin. I can no longer sleep and when I finally get to sleep I sleep through my alarm clock. I don’t really beleive I have an eating disorder. I just fast for a few days to lose weight. I am on a liquids fast at the moment and plan on fasting this way and not messing up for atleast 2 weeks. I will go longer if I can make it. I feel so much better when I fast. I still cut every so often but it seems as though my desire to be thin is the only thing I am concerned with. I am entirely dependant on my diet pills. I have had a few outburst that I have no idea how to explain. I burst out crying for no apparent reason. I was even sent home from my jog. This was because I had eaten that day and was so upset. Almost all of my friends have eating disorders and my best friend is like 94 pounds. And the rest of my friends think I’m weird because I bring fruit (which I never eat), drink diet green tea, water, and diet soda and never eat. Oh and dont forget my diet pills, I cant go a day with out hearing how wierd it is that I take my diet pills so religiously. That really gets me mad. I just want to know if I am normal. What should I do. Please write me back. I look forward to your reply.

A. I am not sure if you have an eating disorder or if cutting and eating disorders are related. My opinion is that they may be but without more information in your specific case, I do not know for sure. I can tell you that what you have described to me: you’re cutting behaviors, the way in which you lost weight, your use of fasting and diet pills, sleep problems and your mood swings are all behaviors and conditions that not normal or healthy. There are healthier ways to achieve your weight loss goals. You should see a doctor for a health examination—to determine the effects of your rapid weight loss and daily use of diet pills. You should also seek help from and a nutritionist to help you plan healthier meals and plan proper exercise routines. I would especially recommend that you see a therapist to help you with your mood swings and cutting behaviors and possibly an eating disorder. I understand that you want to lose the weight but it seems like you are losing the weight at the expense of your body and mind. My advice is to see a doctor, seek professional assistance with your weight loss as well as counseling for your mood swings and cutting. The way you are losing weight is not healthy and may even be dangerous. I hope you can see this to be true. Take care.