Q. I would like to know if i have bulimia. i am in control of my eating and i dont suffer from sugar cravings etc. i used to have anorexia in the past and i got over it about 8 years ago. recently i have become obsessed with weight loss and have begun throwing up after meals. i dont trhow up after every meal and i do not completely empty my stomach so could i have bulimia.

A. While I cannot give you a diagnosis online, I do believe that anytime an individual throws up their food as a means of weight control, it is indicative of some form of an eating disorder. It is possible that you could have bulimia. Without a face-to-face and intensive diagnostic interview, I cannot say for sure what your diagnosis is. I can say that it is unnatural, unnecessary and unhealthy to throw up food as a way to manage your weight. I would suggest that you seek counseling for the real possibility that you may have another eating disorder. Your behavior puts your body in great danger. You should seek help before your behavior becomes worse. Don’t ignore theses early symptoms.