Q: I feel like i am betrayed!!!!!!! The person I trust in this world lied to me and he said sorry for that but I can’t forgive and forget. I am no longer talk to him but still I feel something I should do about it andI don’t know what to do I geuss you can help me.

A: I’m sorry you are feeling such great pain. This prson must mean a lot to you. The first question I would ask you if you were in my office is whether the lie was really big enough to end an important friendship. Sometimes people do make mistakes. Sometimes they even make terrible mistakes. But if the person istruly, believably sorry, maybe the reason you can’t let go is that you know that you are being too harsh.

On the other hand, maybe the lie really was that terrible. In that case, I suggest you get busy doing things that matter to you with people you care about. Time will help you heal. If you have a faith, perhaps it would help to pray. If you don’t, some quiet time to reflect on what this episode in your life means to you might help.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie