Q. I am really certain that I have OCD. I have basically every sign, except for the one where everything has to be perfectly lined up. I can’t even look at sharp objects because I start to think what would happen if I fell on them, or whatever. My parents have already suggested to me that I have OCD, but then started thinking that I had depression, and I let them keep thinking that. Now though OCD is really starting to mess with my life and I can’t stop. I saw someone say something about how they have to have symmetry and I’m the same way. I also have to tap on things twice before I can use them, repeatedly do things over and over again and I can’t stand anything being in odd numbers, because I think that they’re unlucky, and I also have to repeatedly wash my hands.I even took the test for OCD and scored a 30 on it. Is it definitely OCD? What should I do if it is?

A. I am sorry but I cannot give you a diagnosis of OCD online. If you believe you have OCD, then you should seek therapy. You can talk to your parents about your test score and tell them you are concerned with your behaviors and wish to get help for them. You can also talk to someone at your school. Explain to them that you are concerned about your behavior and would like help to change or stop your behaviors. Getting therapy can help you learn to decrease or stop your compulsive behaviors. I would encourage you to talk first to your parents and if that is not helpful, seek help from a school counselor. Good luck and please let me know how you are doing and if you were successful in getting help.