Q. I recently started seeing a man that I really like, and everything is going well so far. He recently revealed to me that he has schizophrenia. He has been on respedol for one year and has not had a psychotic episode since then. He told me that he takes his medication regularly and seems to be fine. Should I continue the relationship?

A. I am not sure why you would consider ending the relationship just because he has schizophrenia. Ending your relationship with this man because you found out he has schizophrenia is akin to breaking up with someone because you found out they have cancer. What if you break up with him and the next man you meet reveals to you that he has had previous bouts of depression, would you consider breaking up with him? Or what if the next man you enter into a relationship with develops bipolar disorder or a brain tumor while you are dating, would you break up with him? As you mentioned in your question, the man you are dating knows he has the disease, has taken the necessary steps to treat it, and from what you stated, is compliant with his medication. The fact that he recognizes and acknowledges that he has schizophrenia is a good sign that he has control over the disease. Not everyone with schizophrenia has future episodes, especially if they are compliant with their medication. There are some people who only have one episode and never have another. Whether or not you are comfortable dating someone with schizophrenia is something you will ultimately have to decide for yourself. If you like him and things are going well, then I do not see why you would break up with him. Good luck.