Q. From a woman in Pakistan:
i was engaged by birth with my cousion.then i became involve in that person.some resons make us seperated.his ankle want to marriage his with her daughter and there was many misunderstanding between us they make m alone even my sister thought that i m wrong .therefore there is a problem and i become a toy between them they finally decided to broke this engagement. my mother is died so i cant tell my sorrow i m too much upset i cant forget him i m weeping much of the time. i cant see any way which is the best 4 m ,know what can i do i think i m nothing ,i m alwas wrong i m loosing my confidance and much more what can i do ,help m plz

A. I think you used a computer translator. Your letter is hard to understand but I will try to help.
When an engagement is broken, it is normal to feel grief and to cry. It is not normal to weep all the time and to feel like you are nothing. Right now your pain is bigger than your ability to cope.

I am very sorry you are having such a difficult time in your life. I do not know what kind of help there is in your city. (In the USA, a person with your problem would see a psychiatrist.) You need some support and maybe a little medicine to help you feel stronger. Since your mother is no longer there to help you, you need to talk with your doctor or with an older person you trust to decide what to do.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie