Q. Okay, I started talking to my best friends cousin when I was about 17 and he was 24, but the bad part was he had a girl friend that he had been dating for almost 3 months. Well we just hit it off well we hung out togather and everything while he was still dating this other girl. They broke up, now we have been dating for almost 4 months. The other week she called him and told him she was pregant! He doesnt wanna lose the child because he thinks its wrong to get rid of it but then again she doesnt wanna be with him and she wants me to become the god mother. Im still wondering what to do or wondering if they did have sex while we were togather because they havent did anything since December and its kinda werid. I dont know what do to. Please write me back on what to do in this relationship and the baby thing.

A. It is hard to answer this question without knowing more of the facts. You did not mention the possibility that the other woman may have been with another man during their break up and the baby is not actually your boyfriends. Since it seems like there is a unified consensus that the baby is his, the obvious conclusion is that they had sex while the two of you were together. With all of the cheating your boyfriend is doing, I am not sure why you would want to continue in this relationship. You should not consider yourself a real part of the relationship between your boyfriend, his ex and their child. Perhaps someday, should you marry your boyfriend, you might actually become a real part of that situation but for now you are very much on the periphery. Do not become the baby’s godmother. That honor and responsibility should go to someone much closer to the baby. Ultimately, that is a decision that you will have to make on your own. I am sorry I could not be of more assistance. Good luck.