Q. hello, okay i was just wondering if this sounds like an eating disorder to you: okay so on a normal day i will skip breakfast and lunch, i live home and so i am forced to eat supper, but if my parents go out i will definitally make myself get sick, if im out around supper i will lie and say i ate but i wont eat at all. When im stuck eating somthing and then not being able to make myself be sick then i almost want to cry, its like i can feel myself getting fatter as i sit there. i hate it.I also every time i have somthing i look at the calories and fat into it, if its to high i wont eat it. if i have to eat i will eat celery because i heard it was only 1 carb and it burns about 1 carb chewing it and swallowing it.(i dont know if thats true or not)on other days i cant help it and i eat soo much, then i feel like the biggest pig in the entire world!! i feel discusting! so i just like pray my mom will go out so i can make myself get sick. also i dont think im like really fat, its just that i think im kinda normalish..but i want to be way skinnier, kinda famous people, they look so perfect and happy and i want to be like that, i deff need to lose weight, im 15 years old i now weigh 105 but i want to be about 90. thanks for your help.

A. I cannot give you an “official” diagnosis online but it certainly sounds like you have an eating disorder. To be sure, I would have to interview you extensively in person to be able to determine your exact and proper diagnosis. Based on the information you have provided I can say that you are certainly exhibiting extremely dangerous behavior that if continued, can be fatal. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric diagnoses. You are not eating enough and your purging behavior is extremely unhealthy. Eating disorders are less about losing the weight and more about wanting to gain control over some aspect of your life that is uncontrollable. In other words, it’s about something deeper than just wanting to be thin. The path you are on poses a serious threat to your physical health, ranging from problems with dental problems, cardiac and gastrointestinal problems to death. You might “feel” disgusting but because you “feel” a certain way does not make it true.

You must also recognize that no one is perfect, even the celebrities on television. They might look perfect and happy but they are human beings just like the rest of us and too suffer with problems. Appearances can be deceiving. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to replicate the look of a like a celebrity since many have personal trainers and personal chefs that map out their every meal. You can decide to eat healthy and exercise and you can do on your own. Eating right and exercising is the only healthy way to live. Given you believe you still need to lose weight even at 105 pounds, I strongly suggest that you seek counseling before this problem intensifies. Because of your thinking and behavior, you do need professional help. Please talk to your mother or someone else you trust about getting help. Please let me know how you are doing. Good luck.