Q. I’m really confused. Lately I think I might have OCD, but my mom just says I’m being paranoid. I don’t know, though. I’ve got the steriotypical signs. Like everything has to be in perfect order, or I’ll explode. My dog laid on my bed once, and got hair ALL over my clean white sheet.. and I couldn’t stop picking and picking and picking at it until every single last peice of hair was off of the bed. It HAD to be perfect. I had it when I was little as well, I think.. One time I actually got into the dryer because the urges were so strong. I kept telling myself.. get into the dryer.. get into the dryer.. and when it did, it turned itself on and I freaked out. Or when I got a new toy or pet. I always wanted to do weird things to them. (Well, I didn’t really want to, but I had these.. strange urges.) Like throwing them out the car window or blowing them up. Even though I loved them to death, I had these urges, and I don’t know why! I even have the most sick and twisted mental images flashing through my mind sometimes.. Like, I tell myself not to think about it, that it’s discusting, it’s HORRIBLY wrong, and I get mental images and movies in my head! Now it’s seeming to get worse and I don’t know what to do- DO I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or am I just being paranoid? I’m very confused.. Please help me.

A. I am sorry but I cannot give you a diagnosis online. I am not sure if you have OCD. I could only determine that if I met with you in person and spoke extensively with you about your symptoms. It’s okay to think about anything you want, but just because you have certain thoughts, does not mean it okay to act on them. You must fight the urge to act on thoughts that are bizarre, dangerous or illegal. It is important that you understand this concept. It was not smart to get into the dryer since it is dangerous. You should find the urge to do things you know are wrong. You might think about throwing a pet out the window but actually doing it is not only a crime for which you will be arrested, but its morally wrong and can cause death to an animal. If you cannot control your actions, then you must get professional help. If you find that you are not able to stop yourself, tell your parents or go see your school counselor and tell them what you told me. Keep me updated about how you are doing. Good luck.