Q. hi, i weighed 15 stone and went on a diet of supplement shakes no food just shakes, i lost alot of weight very quick, but now i so afraid of putting it back on ive been taking up to 13 laxitives a day, ive lost even more weight, i also go to the gym 7 days a week some days twice. i now weigh 10st 3lbs im not under weight for my age and height but my friends say its a form of bulimua, im a bit upset by this, but i cant stop taking them, can you help me??
A. What you are doing is extremely unhealthy. There are healthy ways to lose weight and the way you chose is not one of them. Exercise and healthy eating is the best way to gain control of your weight. I cannot tell you how to stop your laxative use but I do recommend you see a doctor to help you stop. Your friends are right; you are heading down a dangerous eating disorder path. If you can’t stop taking the laxatives, obviously you need help. I would recommend professional medical help. Weight control is a difficult thing but with the right help it is very possible to achieve. I would highly recommend behavior modification as the best path to weight management. First you must see a physician. Please let me know how you are doing.