Q. I have scoured the internet trying to find help. I’ve bought and read books. My husband and I are both ultimately confinced that I have BPD. Unfortunately I am completely unable to find anyone who can help. I went and spoke with a psychologist at school who sent me to a psychiatrist for a possible chemical imbalance creating a mood disturbance. The psychiatrist put me on Adderal for ADHD which did nothing but keep me awake for 2 days straight, then Lexapro…he didn’t tell me why, but I spent 2 days in a half passed out state, so I stopped seeing him. Neither of the doctors tried to talk to me really, I mean really try to figrue out what was wrong. When I talk to them it’s difficult to tell them how I’ve felt if at the time I am in a great mood…it’s like all of the bad feelings disappear. But when I’m hurting I need help right then or I feel like I’m drowning. Please I need someone to talk to, someone who will listen, someone who will care, someone who can help. Please!

A. I think you already know that you need a therapist who will do some type of talk therapy. I would recommend that you see a therapist for exactly that purpose. Psychiatrists usually do not do talk therapy and typically prescribe medication. In the more distant past psychiatrists did talk therapy but now that is the exception rather than the norm. Talk therapy may take time, so you need to be patient. You might still want to see the psychiatrist as part of your treatment but adding on the talk therapy with a therapist can really be beneficial to you. Good luck and let me know how you are doing.