Q. … could see him masterbate if she walked by. My mother lives with my husband and me and her bedroom was at the time right next to ours. In the mornings when I would get up with the kids and the only ones who would be upstairs would be my husband and my mother. I on numerous occasions would go upstairs to get something and find my bedroom door wide open with my husband liying on the bed completely naked and masterbating in full veiw of anyone who might walk by. I would not only freak but was very baffeld as to why he would not make sure the door was closed knowing my mothers room was 2 feet away. I eventually confronted my mother and she broke down and said its been happening for a while. I made my husband apologize to her and told him to assure her that it would never happen again. The behavior has stopped but I need to know why someone could do such a thing, I dont beleive I will ever gat pass this and I have stopped having sex with my husband and plan on leaving him when I can finacially can support myself and the kids , untill then could you explain to me what kind of evil disorder he has. thanks for your time.

A. Human sexuality is extremely complex. It isn’t a simple matter of intercourse for the purpose of reproduction. There are many non-reproductive sexual activities, which are very arousing. Most likely your husband has exhibitionistic sexual desires. This is not at all uncommon. Unfortunately the exhibitionist’s activities require an innocent third party. In this case it was your mother. His sexual arousal was greatly increased by knowing that she could see him and perhaps would be shocked by what he was doing. Yes, you can leave him but you can also try counseling to see if this is really necessary. Let me know how you decide to handle this situation.