Q: I think i am being stalked but am not sure the other day i was in carytown with my mom and my little brother i was eating at a subway when a man about 30 came in and immediatly started staring at me and smiling he got his food sat nearby and began to eat reading and glancing over at me we left the subway and he followed us out we walked into a furniture store he didn’t go in but slowly walked out of sight still looking at me today me and some of my friends were in carytown i regognized him when i found myself being followed by him for atleast a few blocks he realized i saw him and walked into a shopping center when i just started to feel safe again once i got back to the library he was right there looking at me threw his dark sunglasses he walked around aimlessly near me pretending to talk on his cellphone i walked inside starting to get freaked out he walked inside to stood by the bookshelf behind me glancing at me every moment he could get for about an hour so i went outside and awhile after that he went outside and pulled his cellphone out again pretending to talk for along time then walked out of sight i am supposed to go there tomorrow if he is ther i will know im being stalked am i being stalked?

A. I do not know if you are being stalked exactly but something strange is going on. You should tell your parents immediately. Tell them that this man has been looking at you and smiling and that you have seen him several times in the past few days. Don’t go back to this shopping center without a parent or an adult. If you are out and see him following you, you should call the police. Please tell your parents and do not go out alone without an adult. Do not get near this man and call the police on him if he comes near you. Please write again if you have any more questions.