Q. Diagnosed as bipolar, age 35. Recently symtoms have worsened & become more expansive with violent episodes. With the severe depression that followed a manic period I have found it very uncomfortable to leave the house (nausia & dizziness). I am coming out of the depression somewhat but still fear that there is more wrong than Manic Depression. I promised my husband that I will seek psychiatric help, but can’t seem to make the call.

A. I cannot say for what your diagnosis is. Knowing the exact diagnosis at this point is less important than you going to get psychiatric help you need right away. Getting the help you need is paramount at this time so that you can stop whatever symptoms you are experiencing. You should make the call as soon as you can. Have your husband help you if you can and make sure that you do get the help you need. Perhaps your husband can call for you. Either way I know it’s a difficult call to make but it is necessary to stop your suffering. I would encourage you to make the call for the psychiatric help. It’s the necessary thing to do. If I can be of any help to you, please write again. But whatever you do, call for psychiatric help. The sooner you call, the better off you will be.