Q. : I have been severely depressed for over 6 years and on many medication, combinations of medications and presently on this combo of different medications. Zoloft, Cymbalta,Trazadone,Dextroamphetamine,Fioricet ( chronic pain ), synthroid and hrt. Do these medications seem a bit overboard? I am so depressed that I stay in bed all day and only get out of the house when absolutely an emergency. This is like living dead and I’m tired of it. I’ve been in therapy many, many times with no progress. I am unmotivated and dont enjoy any of the things I used to enjoy. i enjoy nothing………..any ideas?

A. First of all, seek new medical evaluations. You must first eliminate any physical cause of your depression before assuming that it is psychological. Everyone who does not feel well physically is psychologically depressed. Laying around with a bad cold or flu, leaves you with no zest for life and no enthusiasm. You dread having to think about making dinner or going out to pick up a prescription or the big office meeting on Tuesday.

First have new physicians take a fresh look at your physical health. Your thyroid problem could be a major cause for your feelings of tiredness. There is an interaction of hormones and a good endocrinologist could make a major impact on your condition. Psychological depression could also be a factor in how you feel but first things first; rule out any physical cause. Good luck.